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MBLAQ made a sexy-smooth comeback with new single Smoky Girl this month, and we’re looking back on the women who have had an impact on the MBLAQ members’ lives. From rumored romances to friendships and sibling love, we have it all below! Ailee When the MBLAQ members aren’t busy promoting their own songs, they’re supporting other artists, and member G.O once appeared as Ailee’s love interest in her music video for I’ll Show You. Although G.O plays the shallow ex-boyfriend in the music video, scenes from the set show the two singers goofing off and having a good time. Kara’s Park Gyuri MBLAQ’s Seung Ho and Kara’s Park Gyuri may be colleagues in the K-Pop world now, but they go way back as they were once schoolmates Park Gyuri revealed her close ties to the MBLAQ member on MBC’s Idol Manager, sharing that Seung Ho was a popular student at their high school. IU MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung and IU are also known for being BFFs prior to their debut. Thunder even makes an appearance in IU’s early video clips, which showcase IU’s talent before the singer and star of You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin catapulted to ‘Nation’s Little Status.’ The two idol stars continue to support each other today, Oh Yeon Seo Appearing on MBC’s We Got Married has become a rite of passage for idol stars, and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon tried his hand at married life with virtual wife actress Oh Yeon Seo. The couple’s time on the show was short-lived, however, as there were reports that Oh Yeon Seo was dating actor Lee Jang Woo at the time, and the two stars officially exited the show early this year. Although fans were disappointed to see Lee Joon go, we hope he finds true love one day. 4minute’s Hyuna While Lee Joon’’s fling with actress Oh Yeon Seo was made for TV, the idol star was once swept up in a real-life dating scandal with 4minutes Hyuna. Rumors began swirling when a media outlet reported that Lee Joon and Hyuna were seen getting cozy on an airplane. The artists’ agencies later explained that they were traveling together to film the music video for Hyuna’s Bubble Pop! Fiestar’s Jei Member Mir was involved in his own TV romance when he appeared on tvN’s The Romantic & Idol, a reality show that sent a bunch of idol stars off to Jeju Island to find love. Mir was not shy about showing his affection for Fiestar’s Jei throughout the show, and the program ended with a happy ending for the idol stars as they were among the idols to come out of the show a couple. Last we heard, the idol stars’ romance didn’t survive the show, but, hey, it was good while it lasted. Ko Eun A We can’t talk about the famous women in the MBLAQ members’ lives without mentioning two very important people: their star siblings. Member Mir garnered attention during his debut days for being actress Ko Eun A’s younger brother, and while most siblings are at each other’s throats more often than not, the brother-sister pair are known to be extremely close. Sandara Park Member Cheon Dung and 2NE1’s Sandara Park are another set of famous siblings, and a simple search online uncovers a plethora of cute brother-sister moments. Sandara Park is Cheon Dung’s biggest cheerleader, as she often tweets photos and messages of support for her younger brother, and when Cheon Dung isn’t screening the suitors pursuing his big sister, he’s praising her beauty.
this is honestly the sweetest artical that i've read about MBLAQ. they are so sweet and supportive of their colleagues and families.
this is honestly the sweetest artical that i've read about MBLAQ. they are so sweet and supportive of their colleagues and families.