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It's not what you think.

On April Fools Day, a video of John Stamos hit the web showing a very aggressive outburst thrown in the reception area of Netflix HQ. Stamos was swearing, screaming, and even began to throw things. It was the ideal celebrity meltdown caught on an iPhone which quickly spread like wildfire as fans desperately tried to rationalize his behavior.
Everything came tumbling down after Netflix 'leaked' a trailer of a new documentary series called "Stamos: A Human, Being". Fans quickly caught on that it was a complete joke, just a publicity stunt in honor of April Fools Day. But then Stamos tweeted "Netflix thinks they can make MY BRAND into a JOKE???" causing slight panic confusing everyone. Following these events broke the video taken on an iPhone of his outburst which couldn't be confirmed if it was real or staged. Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos even released an apology video to John Stamos on Netflix's behalf to justify Stamos' behavior.
But here was the catch...
IT WAS ALL FAKE. Netflix and Stamos were in on the joke now releasing today to multiple publications that it was all for fun. April Fools this year was taken very seriously by networks and brands as everyone targeted the gullible population. All in all, Stamos did a fantastic job in his fake outburst and it's all thanks to Netflix's creative direction.
Until next year...

The 'leaked' Netflix Trailer.

The outburst. Good acting, huh?

I feel like Stamos could have done so much more. I wonder why he hasn't done more work.
is there gonna be a show anyway ? or was that a joke too?
Oh wow I would totally have watched this