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@MadAndrea made this and I love it. So funny we need more games like this! Thanks for the tag bunny I enjoyed this a lot. ^^
It's ok boo I like walking in the rain ☔
Aww it's ok Wenhan I'll take care of you as long as you don't get sick on ME lol
Alright that's kinda funny and something I've done before but I would be a lil peeved at first
Umm I'm at the age where it's a running joke in my family that I'm never going to have kids so I'm used to this being brought up all the time.
I've seen it before so no worries but nooot a great impression for a first date SungJoo... but I'll forgive him. Just look at that face!
I'm really glad you liked it ^_^ ps I loved the commentary lol and I agree, that's a pretty terrible first impression to pass out on someone's lawn haha
@KellyOConnor it makes it worthwhile haha
@MadAndrea haha gotta do the commentary!