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I've been seeing a lot of these around lately. They might be part of some sort of challenge somewhere here on Vingle, but meh. I don't wanna go look 4 it. I'll just do this 1. One Piece, Kaikan Phrase, & Samauri X: Trust & Betrayal are all anime that were made in my birth year (1999). I'm rly glad 2 find out that I was born in the same year as 1 of the "Legendary Anime" as they r called & also as 1 of my favorite movies. Tho I was actually expecting 2 find more. I looked thro my watching, completed, on hold, dropped, AND plan 2 watch lists (that's over 300 titles )... yet I only found these in my year... most of the others were within 1996 - 1998 & 2001 - 2014. Like... I think the anime world is taunting me...