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Recently there have been rumors that actor Song Joong Gi is enlisting this August and therefore, he rejects many film/drama projects. However, the actor's agency released an official statement today to deny the rumor, saying "We haven't heard of such a thing. Song Joong Gi has not received any warrant from the army and thus, we do not have any details of his enlistment date yet." Even so, the agency stated that Song Joong Gi has completed his health examination and plans to enlist as an active soldier. Source: Sometimes I forget how old Song Joong Ki really is because he just looks so freaking young all the time. Song Joong Ki is born in 1985, making him 29 years old (Korean age). I'm not so sure when's the latest Korean men have to enlist, but vaguely remember it's around 30 years old. It does make sense that he's enlisting soon... but August is way too soon! I hope it really is not the case. Also, Song Joong Ki is said to be considering a new movie project called 'Sea Fog'. There has been no confirmation yet, but you can read more about it here
@chasinghapiness, yes, i will. thank you!
@cri14335 it's a very emotional movie! watch it when you have time ^^
@chasinghapiness, quite long ): not yet, how is it? just finished My Rooftop Prince.started the i hear your voice already.
@cri14335 it depends on the unit, but roughly around 2 years ): imagine 2 years without Soong Joong Ki... sighs :( have you seen his latest movie 'Werewolf Boy'?
@chasinghapiness, you have any idea, how many months they will stay in the Military?
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