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Are you tired of the #halfnatty craze that's sorta been bubbling to the surface over the last few years?!
First of all, what is half natty anyway? Sort of depends on who you ask, which makes the craze all the more frustrating. But basically, it's a person who has achieved their fitness physique by dabbling (at one time or another) in "gear."
"Gear?" What's that? It's code for the spectrum of enhancement drugs, which includes, but not limited to anabolic steroids, many of which, are illegal in the US and other countries.
Haffnatty could also mean a short bodybuilder. I am 5'5" so yeah, I'm pretty damn short!
So, in keeping with the impossible aesthetics that one can achieve when you're halfnatty, here is a moodboard that I think a gearhead would enjoy!
Anatomy tights, worn by Alexander Rendon, (not available to purchase yet).
Sweat bands, so you can go full throttle shirtless.
Ringside Diablo boxing shoes that let your feet grip the ground and breathe.
Blade-enhanced brass knuckles. Cuz, the rage is real!
Please note, I am NOT implying, nor am I promoting the use of illegal substances.
I've always wanted to get those sort of compression pants. They are firee
hahahahha im gonna remember that and use it! @inplainsight
You're not short @marshalledgar you're fun size
The attack on Titan starter pack
I got mine at target for $20 @alywoah
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