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Hello Giants Fans! Can't believe we are only a few hours away from the first game of the 2016 season!

So before we get our first win of the season with MadBum on the mound, I want to play a little game with you guys! Here we go.

Which Giant do you think will hit the first home run of the season?

I personally am going to go with my favorite Giant of all time, BUSTER POSEY!
Comment below in the comments section below and let's see who is right tomorrow!
I was originally going to go with the first pitcher to get a W, but that would be too easy with MadBum on the mound tomorrow ;)

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Yeah you called it. the duff man got it cracking early
@CeezonKing And let's not forget the back-to-back-to-back........incredible.
Incredible game!!!! And MadBum should be okay soon. The effing flu......
yeah the back to back to back was awesome. i thought i was reading the updates wrong or my phone was tripping. i couldn't watch the game but ill be watching the highlights
@CeezonKing Haha yeah you don't wanna miss it dude. Do you watch basketball by any chance?