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On the 28th of this Month it will be the anniversary of when my husband first asked me out. We don't normally celebrate anniversary and we never celebrate this day. Which is why I am giving him a surprise by making a scrapbook! We did not officially date until mid-May because I had a lot of things to consider (he was graduating in two months and it will be a long-distance relationship). Despite the ups and down, on-and-off, we made it! So, before he turns 29 this year I want to encourage him in 28 ways!

Idea #1: Scrapbooking (month of April)

Originally, I was thinking of normal scrapbooking, so I got a bunch of scrap paper and stickers. I realized later I wanted I wanted something more personalized and unique. So, I gathered a few more ideas.

Idea #2: Booklet

I found this cool idea through @marshalledgar. It seems easy and fits my numbered theme really well.

Idea #3: Open When Envelopes

I came across this idea and it looks really fun and interesting! This might be the most time-consuming out of all the ideas listed above. I think it will be be worth it though.
What do you guys think? Which one should I make? If you have better ideas please let me now in the comments below. :) D-day is the 28th of this month, so I want to complete this project by the third week of April!
@sophiamor That's a great idea and a fun thing to look forward to next year. I'll keep that in mind!
Ugh I love them all! It would be a lot of work but a combo of 1 & 2 would be really cute! And maybe to incorporate 3 you could have a letter at the back for him to open next year on the same day :)
@TessStevens Thanks for the quick response! Number 3 is brilliant and I think I could incorporate #1 and #2 in those envelopes. I just wanted a second opinion. haha Thanks. :)
Aw! Congratulations on your Anniversary! I saw the stickers and was like YES! Really great idea, and creative too. You can't buy that in a store! That being said, number 3 seems awesome.