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He started to pull off my panties and skirt. I sat up and started unbuttoning his pants. He pulled them off and threw them aside. He crawled off the bed and went into his drawer and I saw him grab something. He held it up. "What do you have a condom for?!" I said "For special moments like this." He replied. He crawled on top of me again. I took the condom out of his hands and opened it. I started to take his boxers off and slide the condom on. "Wow." I whispered to myself. He then kissed me like he was going to devour me. "I want more." I said He slide it in and I moaned out of pain and ecstasy. He started at a slow pace. The pain started to lessen with every thrust. As the pain eased he started to get faster. "Oh that feels so ah good, Mark." "Yeah, right there, ah." I couldn't stop moaning, so I covered my mouth. Mark gently removed my hand from my mouth and said, "I want to hear more of you." "But the others might hear us." "Don't worry, there all asleep probably." Mark said. "What do you mean 'probably'?!" "Just kidding." Mark said again. "Go harder." I said quickly. He started to move faster and I felt it go deeper inside me. "Ahh, that feels so good, oh." I started to moan out even louder. He gave one last hard thrust, before we both reached our climax. He rolled over and lay down next to me. We were both breathing heavily. We both started to laugh. "I love you, Mark." I said "I love you too" he said then pecked my lips. I rested my arm on his broad chest. After that I slowly fell asleep with the man I love.
Don't worry everyone its not over It might sound like the end, but its not Tag List: @SindyHernandez @ShellyVargas @MaritessSison @MykelHobbs @ParkHwaYoung @Maribelita @Sarahdarwish @SaraHanna @CamrynCherry @VeronicaArtino @Defy24601
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