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If a Bloody Mary really showed up in the mirror every time you said 'Bloody Mary!' three times, I would never have to leave the house to enjoy a Sunday brunch.

Have you ever tried playing Bloody Mary with friends?

@Animaniafreak Hell no lol I was afraid to blink. I literally thought "Ok, if I blink it'll either disappear or Imma die" And no my friend moved shortly after but when I told him about it he said he saw some weird things in that house too
@danidee yeah when I go to the bathroom at night I turn the lights on or close my eyes the whole time I am in there. This is a thing kids need to forget about doing.
Ever since grade school I haven't ben able to look in a mirror if lights are off.
I tried it with my friends when I was in elementary Skool dude that shit is real holy cheese she really appeared guys this is no joke she was in a shot weeding gown covered in blood she was floating in the freaking air we all screamed as she wrote something in the bathroom mirror in blood I forgot what it said we all just wanted to leave the bathroom but we couldn't the door was locked until like 2 min later it opened 馃槰馃槰馃槺馃槺 I am terrified of trying this game again. Never shall I try it
Have never tried the game or the drink so I am a little behind lol. But the drink is probably the better way to go.
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