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We got 5 days before the concert, amd we all been planning the dance and songs. We set up the playlists in which M5K will sing. I get ready to write some music with Jiyong. I still haven't told them my answers, since we been busy with the media and practices. I enter the music studio, everyine left home. As i turn on the computer, I saw my lyrics and some were added by Jiyong. I still can't believe that my music is being combined with his. "You here" "Hey, i saw that you add some words to my song." "Ya, just wanted to spice it up" "Well then lets get ready." "You read it?" "Yup, and i like it" "Alright lets go" I went inside the recording room and put the headphones on. I drank water amd clear my throat. Then the beat dropped. I sang and sang. Then the music stop. "Oh Ja-ni, you got to let the 'ah' be more stronger" I sang it from the beginning, but i couldn't seem to grab the word quick. "Count in your head. Need to do it a little faster. Rapping sometimes needs speeds than style" I start counting and counting, then began to rap. Got to the moment that i finished the rapping part. As i kept going with the music, GD stops the music. At the same time im like getting aggravated. "Oh Ja-ni?" "Ya?.." "Why your rushing it. Slow it down" "Sorry. Just kind a aggravated." "I understand, but i need this perfect" "Ok." The music began. i controlled my breathing and relax my breathing. I close my eyes and began to sing. I let my heart and soul take over. I am determine to not make a mistake. Soon the song was over. "Fucking Awsome Oh Ja-ni" I smile and bow and then left the recording room. Then Jiyong plays my recording. I smile and just love of how it came out. I can't believe im actually goimg to sing a solo on the concert. "Alright so since we got the voice in, now the piano" "Ohh so true" We walk to where the piano is. I sat down and Jiyong put the notes in front of me. I breath in and out and just let my fingers do the dancing. I played and played on... letting the notes play in my ears and sing through the whole room. Jiyong became to move his head to the note. Then i began to sing along with the music. Jiyong smiles and looks at me as i look at him amd smile. I feel my cheeks gettimg warm, but this guy made this possible. A dream to be able to write music. As i stop playing, Jiyong walks towards me. He then grabs my chin amd he kisses me deeply but soft. I close my eyes as his lips moves around my lips. Then he shuts off the lights and the recording. I giggle as he smiles sneakly.Then he comes to me and he take off my shirt, then he lifts me up. I wrap my legs and arms around him. Then he sits down and i sat in top of him. I start to unbutton his shirt. As i took of his shirt, i start to trace his chest and tjen down to his belly button where his "xx" are. Then i kiss his neck, He quickly put his head back and groans. Then i stand and i slowly pull down my pants. Jiyong gives ne that strong hungry eyes, which always turns me on. I go on my knees and start to unbuckle his pants. As i pull it down, i slowly lick the tip of his penis. He groans and moans as i kept going and going. Then i go and sat on top of him. He slowly enters me, letting my walls feel him inside me. I place my arms around his neck and starts to slowly rock myself. "Do your Demage girl" I smile and kiss him. As i kiss him, I stsrt to grind slower in circles. Then as i bit his lips, he slaps my ass. "Bad girl. no bitting" Then he grabs my hips and he starts to hips into me. He gets deeper and deeper, and starts to thrust harder. He then pulls my hair back, and didnt stop. I became breathless, I feel too good. This is just too perfect. Then Jiyong finishes and I collapse into his arms.. He kisses my neck as i collect my breathing.
3 Days before the concert Seungri and Taeyang began to train with M5K to get the dance routines. We only had to clear one dance, which some of us are having trouble. "Come on you guys One,..two..three..four" We all get the steps but two messed up. I saw Taeyang getting aggravated. Then Seungri jumps in and show the boys the routine one last time. "you boys got it,, alright. we need to get this right. Or no one aint going home. We only have three days before the big day" The music played again. And we began to dance and dance. "Nice, go go go! Dont stop. yeaa you got it" Then the music stop. We see Taeyang and Seungri clapping. We all fall down to the floor. I feel like my legs are going to fall off. "Alright, you guys can go home, cuz i am out of here. Seungri you will close the studio?" "Ya, go home Taeyang." "Thanksz bro, Bye everyone!" One by one , they each start to leave. As me and Seungri, we began to turn everything off and we left the building. "Where you want to eat?" "Actually, i feel like cooking lasagna" "A what??" "Come over my place, Tony's mom semd us some american products. And she send thinfs to make lasagna" "Ok, lets go then" Seungri and I jump into the car and he drove off to my house. As he was driving, he grabs my thighs. He squeezes it. I look at him and he gives me a small smirk. Then he took a turn which i didnt knew wjere he is heading. "Are you kidnapping me?" "Just for a moment." "Naughty panda" Seungri laughs and then he took anotjer turn, everything was dark. Then he stops the car and turns off the car lights and engine. Then he grabs me and kiss me hard. Then he gets out of the car and went to open my door. He grabs my arm and pulls me out of the car. He kisses me and i let his tongue inside my mouth. Tasting his lips is too sweet. He then he turns me around and he takes off my shirt, his hand then trace my back till he unhook my bra. Then he put my fave down to the hood of the car. He then pulls down my pants down and he quickly inserts his fingera inside me. My mind stopped thinking as my hips moces around to a certain rythm so i can feel his fingers all around my pussy walls. Then without knowing he unbuckled his pants, he inserts inside, but hard! I moan and then he starts to thrust harder. Then he lifts one of my legs and place it on the hood. This position made him thrust deeper inside me and its making my body go crazy. Seungri then began to go faster an faster. I knew from thier he is ready finish. He grabs my hair and pull it back as his other hand hold my hips down. My muscles starts to fet tense, my heart is beating daster amd my breath is harsh. I moan amd he groaned to the last thrust. Seungri is different between Jiyong. Jiyong is more passionate but Seungri enjoys it rough and loves to take control.
The day of the concert I got my makeup done and i start to walk out of the room. When i wemt to grab my mic, i look at the audience. I can see soo many idols from different companies too. Theres exo, got7, Illionare crew and AOMG crew, the whole YG family, Vixx, Twice, 4Minute, Jessy, and manyyy more. I start to get nervouse, then i wemt to get reunite with my crew. Soon the concerts begins. Big Bang went to start the concert. Everyone screamed and cheered, amd sang out loud to thier music, and so was we. They went from Bang Bang Bang to Sober and then to still alive. The crowd goes crazy amd i can see the idols sing along groving along to the beat. Then their turn is over and we was next. "How you guy's doimg out there!!" The crowd screams. "come on.. louder than that. Its me.. its your boy.... its G-DRAGON BABY" The crowd goes nuts and the ladies starts to scream. I smile and see how awsome this is. "Alright everyone, let give an around applause to the new YG family memebers... M.5.K!!!!!!!" The music started which was our intro. We began to go to the stage and we began to sing. We waved and smile to the stage. We can see our names being help high on the stage. i can also see the idols into the rhythm. Then the music finishes, then a lower bet began to play. its was time for our introduction. "Hello We are M5K!" We all said it the same time and we bow. "Hello, my name is Woo-Jin" "Hello, My name is A.X" "Hello, my name is MinU." "Hello, my name is Gook!! How you doing everyone!?" The crowd goes crazy. As i grab my microphone amd place it to my mouth, the crowd began to cheer crazy. "Helloo!!! My name J.J , or should i say Oh Ja-ni, and i am the power of this group!" I wink and smile to the crowd. "Yall readyy for tonight!" "Lets do this!" We began to play our playlists, and Big Bang joined with us. We was dancing and signing till our hearts and souls leaves out of our bodies. We waved to the fans and did our crazy moments. Then my solo began. I walked across the stage and waves to the crows. I sat down in front of the piano. "A song to the most special man in the world, who never gave up on me. Its called 'Fulfill your dreams'" I began to play and pour my heart into the song. I close my eyes and memories of my father started to appear in my mind. Him laughing and smilimg bright. Holding my hands and never letting me go. Tears started to run on cheeks. I didnt expect to cry, but I miss my father, and i fulfilled my dreams. As i finished the song, I breath out and the tears began to come down. I stand and bow low. The crowd began to cheer and what chocked me is they chanted my name. I lift my fave and wipe the tears off and smile. Then crew and big bang came running towards the stage. It was time for a finale. I grab my electric violin. When i frab my violing, the crowd went wild. We began to play and sing Fantastic Baby. Everyone was jumping and cheerimg. We was waving and dancing all over the place. I played till i couldnt feel my fingers anymore. Then we finished the song. We start to say our goodbyes. We waved and waved to our fans. We blow kisses and play around. I look around and smile... I can't believe i made it to this point. I have fulfilled my dreams to the fullest. I smile, i have my mother back, and have two greatest wild boys. I am happy and I aint complaining. I am Me .. and I Am Oh Ja-ni.
Two years later.... GD Seungri and I go inside a jewelry store. As I go inside, the worker took out my order. I open tje box and there it is.. A ring with a shiny blue diamond shined into my eyes. "Your ready about this Jiyong" To Be Continue.....
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Ok ok, the here....don't know why I have bang bang bang in the's not the appropriate song rn.... Ugh lets just for this πŸ’•πŸ€˜πŸ» Ok starting off calm and cool, I like it... I have a feeling it's gonna make a U turn any second now tho. Jiyong she is suppose to choose, you are making this HARD T^T WHAT THE HELL BB I THINK SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR HORMONES CAUSE ALL I SEE IS 50 SHADES OF GREY EVERYWHERE OHMIGOD I knew this would take a U turn, I KNEW IT, MAKE A U AGAIN! TURN BACK! TURN BACK! they are in a freakin recording studio! There's a 99.9% chance there are CAMERAS.... And really...NOW??? Ugh you kids have no control don't you?? The finale has the ultimate lemon moments in the entire story 😨😨😨 all I'm thinking about are the cameras....or someone coming in.... DID THEY LOCK THE DOOR??!?!? #BadGirlRiRi #BadGirlSeungRi 😎🀘🏻 Ok DONE, BB THERE BETTER NOT BE ONE FOR SEUNGRI CAUSE I SWEAR WE ARE GONNA HAVE A TALK ABOUT THIS SO DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT LEAV~ wait what's going on? Hey! HEY! HE~ *we interrupt this program from our daily sponsors* And I thought they were gonna get fucked in the dance room 😹😹😹 πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€ HE DONT KNOW WHAT IS LASAGNA???? SHAME ON YOUR COW! Naught naughty panda πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ THIS IS FUCKING WORSE THEY ARE OUT IN THE OPEN!! γ… γ…  γ… γ…  γ… γ…  There's a HUGE difference between the two fuckers.... (See what I did there? No? Alright...) "it's's your boy....ITS GDRAGON BABY!" YES YES YES GD BACK IN ACTION! Oooo the moment of truth....who is that song for?? Oh it's for her father....DAMNIT πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ never knew I would be so disappointed in someone making a song for their father 😭😹😹 nice concert 😊 hope your fingers are ok πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ» Wait....what is this... TWO YEARS LATER??? WHAT THE HELL??? BB BB BB BB BB BB..... WHAT. THE. HELL... πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ THIS IS A HUGE CLIFFHANGER, NOOOO WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME!? WHYYYY!! And THE RING! OHMIGOD the scenario is telling me it's jiyong, but why is seungri there? Anything can happen when it's BB's story so I'm not jumping to conclusions.... OHMIGOD THIS STORY!!!! BB EVEN THO I WANT TO STRANGLE YOU RIGHT NOW YOU MADE ME FEEL A WHOLE BUNCH OF EMOTIONS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SERIES.... IM MAD YES, BUT I LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO NOT ACTUALLY STRANGLE YOU OK??? πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜€ This has been an awesome story overall, I love the development and the story behind the main character and that there's a semi-happy ending and I'm just... *sigh* although I'll feel free once it's COMPLETELY finished so I can have the satisfaction but overall, this has been one hell of a roller coaster, I can't wait to see your squad fanfics and I hope you make more stories after them with more surprises and more feels πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ’­πŸ’–πŸ’– And more lemon... πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ» .......what? No wait, no stop! STOP IT! STO~ *we interrupt this program from our daily sponsors*
why!!!😭 so she chooses both?? this is to much, to be continued!! why did you stop at the good part??!!😭😭 why!!!😭
One of a damn clever writer who can make her readers ride on a dangerous roller coaster . You can never guess what actually instore for us in the story.
TO BE CONTINUED????? Wait????? No!!!!! NO!!!!!! No to be continued!!!!! I MUST KNOW WHO SHE CHOOSES!!!!!
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