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I know, I have problems but I just love these silly things. This screenshot game was too good to pass up. This bad boy created by @VatcheeAfandi99
Let's do this!
Oh take that, mom! I can sing! SO Entertainment said so! Ha! Ahem. I don't know about that visual part because I'm nowhere near the beauty level needed but I'll take the compliment anyway ;)
Seems legit. 5 is my favorite number. It's a respectable group number.
Kai is my mentor, which is a tad awkward being as I'm his noona. Although I'll bet by sticking with him, my moves would be on point. And hello, we'd bond over our mutual love of chicken.
Dang! With that powerhouse voice? The song is probably just him with me providing the "ooohs" and "aahs" in the back.
I guess doing our awesome duet brought us closer, unlocking super best potentional! Chen is so sarcastic and so I am therefore I don't doubt the greatness of our bestieship.
Mostly I think we'd bond over stuff like this. I have terrible luck so I can't tell you how many times stuff like that has happened to me lol.
Well duh. He's sassy, I'm sassy. We both love being buttheads. Our friendship would seem hostile but in reality it's filled with nothing but love. Chen, Sehun, and I - causing mischief and shenanigans where we go.
Oh...well this is awkward. What about our bestieship? I don't want to break up the Golden Trio! I mean it's not like I'd say no to Sehun but still...
So that's what happens when you ask Lay to show you his moves in private.
What! With the one who wrecks up my heart and tries to make me feel things? That Chanyeol? Aw and he's okay with raising Lay's baby. He's a good dude, an annoying one, but a sexy good dude nonetheless.
Shit...I think I'm pregnant again...
Well that was fun! It took me forever to do this but these things are just too much fun.
@ScarletMermaid Its cause I'm always on it and it uses alot of data :/
@jessicaacosta90 I hate your phone >:(
@ScarletMermaid I can't because of my slow internet on the phone 😭
@jessicaacosta90 you cant?? oh no! they work for me :(
sucks i cant see the gifs ;-;
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