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The trendiest cosmetic on the market.

Kylie Jenner's "Kylie Cosmetics" are the trendiest lip gloss kit you will ever purchase in your lifetime. The famed lip glosses come in a variety of colors but they are completely SOLD OUT online and in stores for the next few weeks, possibly months. The lip glosses have been such a hot commodity that thousands of fans have expressed the exclusivity of her glosses is becoming annoying because it's next to impossible to get their hands on them. For Jenner, this lack of supply for an enormous demand has allowed her to cash in by making a video like this one. Fans were so outraged in previous releases that she now announces ahead of time when her glosses will hit the market. She has publicly apologized saying that she will do her best to keep her customers updated.
In the lip gloss advertisement video as shown above, the glosses play a subtle role. From Kylie's sexy persona while pulling up in a Rolls-Royce, she's still maintaining the ultra luxurious persona that she actually lives in real life. People want to see the ultra rich glamorous and opulent lifestyle and she always provides that. Though the video shows a storyline of an illegal transaction, the leading women are gorgeous on high sex appeal. The video is violent yet Kylie remains calm as she's the alpha always in control. The main theme throughout the video stays the same, wealth and the exclusive factor is cool. This mentality is why everyone wants to buy Kylie Lip Kits because until everyone has them, you're one of the lucky ones maybe cool enough to align yourself with the most famous person within the teen population.

Have you managed to score a Kylie Lip Kit?

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@CallMeMsDragon ditto but if it was a cosmetic made by GD I would buy it in a heartbeat