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He is too Yummy. Ok This week I'll be writing one shots It will have a smut alternate ending which will be after the fluff section and will have a Pic warning for those who do not want to read it. You do not have to read it because ot does not add anything to the story. Welp I hope you enjoying this one shot. He's a fallen angel and your the girl that makes him feel like he found heaven again. Enjoy reading.
Yugyeom's Pov I fell from heaven because 6 of my brothers left heaven. They each one was a guardian of a girl and made the mistake of falling in love. They showed themselves to their chargers and became more and more involved. They began to covet earthly things. The sad thing was once they fell from heaven they forgot who their charge was and who they loved. I chose to fall from heaven to be with my brothers so I wouldn't be lonely. I wasn't a guardian angel but the angel of knowledge. When I fall from heaven I will lose the knowledge of all languages but that of the country I fall into. I will miss home but I miss my brothers more. I was right my brothers where now all in Korea under an entertainment company. I auditioned and passed. I was so happy to join them. As years passed our group GOT7 made it big my brothers whe r hoping to once find their former loves by being big stars. I smile at them encouragingly but I ever wonder do they miss heaven as much as I do. I miss home and the love I felt their. the pure happiness that radiate out from every being. On this plane I haven't felt a single thing that took me close to that feeling. My brothers tell me when you find the one you truly love it's like you can hear heaven once again. They didn't mention to me though that once you find your love and cemented that love we would lose our wings. I have no interest in finding love because I don't want to lose my wings. Right now being able to fly besides being on stage gives me a taste of happiness, not that pure an adulterer blissful happiness that I once was accustomed to but a happiness none the less. I was so very misguided because when I caught of glimpse of you I knew I found the closest thing to heaven because I fell out of the sky at the sight of your smile and my heart literally stopped and all thought fled me. I tried finding you but weeks went by then months. Then one day by coincidence there you where in front of me at a tan meeting. All breath left me. I felt my lips form a smile and I said hi when I got an elbow from my brother who lifted his eyebrows up "Thank you for being a friend. Who is your bias?" I had asked you. I was hoping you would say me. A blush graced your cheeks and your eyes flicked over to Mark. My heart felt like it was being stabbed when you glanced at Mark but then I heard your small voice and it was like balm to my soar heart "You, Yugyeom. Your smile is the greatest and think th out look like an angel." Mark almost spit his water out. But I grabbed your hand, "You look more like an angel than me," I kissed your hand. I signed your cd but left my number with the instructions to call me. I smiled once more before you left. A few days passed and still no word from you. I was starting to think maybe you didn't like me. Until I received a call from your friend explaining you where in the hospital. I flew there to see you in the dead of night. I snuck in the hospital room. I grabbed your hand. "Please don't leave. I just found you. I want more time with you. I knew I found heaven when I saw you smile and I fell from the sky." You stir in your slee]. I see your eyes flutter. You face lights up with your smile. I feel my heart stop again. I smile down at you. "Hey Yugi. I must be dreaming if you are here. I must be close to dying to then." "No your not dreaming. I am here holding your hand. Tell me more about you." "Only if you come up here and cuddle me. I get up and climb in bed next to you putting my arms around you. And you begin to tell me every last detail if your life. I laugh and cry with you. I haven't felt anything as blissful as you being in my arms than when I was in heaven. As you fall asleep in my arms. I cry some more and begin to pray for your soul. I though God would jot communicate with me anymore but hearing my sobs he did communicate with me. "My son, do not cry. I placed her in your path hoping to show you a new path to heaven. Only you can save her from dying. A small scarfing of love is all that is needed from you. Once you do that scarfing of unconditional love she will be healed you will be human and your path to join heaven once more." I feel his unconditional love surround me and you. He gives us both a hug. You stir in my arms. I take you away in my arms and out the wind we go. I am flying high above the world with you in my arms. You wake up. "You are an angel. I knew it. I must be close to death than." "No baby you are not going to die. I just wanted to give you the feeling of flying before I lose my wings." You look at me in confusion. I land and press a kiss to your head. I trace my fingers down your face to your shoulder then your hand. I look in your eyes and lean down and kiss the tip of your nose and finally I meet your lips with mine. I hear you sigh and I take that chance to deepen the kiss. As our tongues wrestle I give you the gift of life by breathing out my angel essence into you. I feel my heart stop beating and my angel wings fall off as I collapse. You look at me frightened. I smile at you once more before falling asleep. Your Pov He collapses to the ground as his wings fall off. I notice his smile as he falls. I don't k n ow how but all his brothers land and look at me. They seem sad as the Angel Yugyeom I love is their on the ground dying. I'm crying and but to hyperventilate when JB comes over to me. "He's not dead. He's just not an Angel anymore. He will wake up in an hour as mortal, a human like you." "But why? What did he do to me that I'm now glowing with health?" "For he found his love and he couldn't imagine being away from you. he decided to give up the one thing that could save you from certain death. He sacrificed being able to fly and healing almost instantly for you. In all actuality he gave his very angel essence to you. You will never get sick anymore." JB answered I cry harder as I look down at him. I press a kiss to his lips. "I love you. air would never have asked you to do that. " "That's why it's a sacrifice of unconditional love. You do things for the one you love without expecting payment in return or understanding but only ask for forgiveness later. Let us take you to the hospital so no one is suspicious. They declare it a miracle and you'll be discharged. When he wakes up he'll be completely human." Jr explains. An hour later in my hospital bed Yugyeom wakes and smiles at me and my heart flutters insanely making the machine beep irractically and the nurses and doctors to come in. They check my vitals. They are amazed at my recovery and run more tests. They leave saying in the morning they would have results amd I should be able to go home. I smile at Yugyeom. "I love you how can I ever repay you for your sacrifice." He looks at me intently. "It wasn't a big deal if it meant you could still be in this world with me. That I can hold your hand, hear your voice, kiss your lips (He kisses me), and be in your presence. You are the closet thing to heaven. Just say you'll be my home and stay with me forever." He kisses Mr passionately and pulls away. Tears glisten in my eyes. "You will forever be an angel in my eyes. I'll stay your home and be with you forever.
Yugyeom PoV She agreed to be mine forever. I smile down at her as she falls asleep in my arms. I falk asleep as well. Morning light fills the room. The doctors come in and says she'll be discharged by noon. As we leave the hospital I hold her hand and call my brothers to come with the car. They drop us off at her home. We walk in and she leads me to her room and let's go of my hand as she lays on her bed. I lean down looking at her and she reaches up and captures my face in her hands and pulls me down to meet her lips. I take one arm and move it under her and move her up the bed as I crawl up her body kissing her deeper. She moans into my mouth. I smile across her lips and then pull back to loom at her. she pouts just a little. hut it soon changes. Her eyes become dark with list as I kiss down her neck and start sucking and biting. I take my hands and pull up her shirt as I remove my lips. She tugs at my shirt to be removed. I smile at her. I then remove my pants and she removes her. I kiss down her body and find her Sweet spot. I lick up and down and nip and bite a little. She shivers and moans and I feel her hands in my hair gripping when I find the perfect rhythm for her. I enter a finger then another and slowly thrust inside and out as I suck on her clit and then I add another finger and hook it up and I find her spit as she tightens around me and let's out a load moan. She comes down off her high as I kiss my way up her body. I stop to capture a nipple in my mouth gently sucking it and taking my other hand and kneading her other boob in my hand. I look up at her and she looks at me. She is even more beautiful with her hair a mess. and her bottom lip between her teeth as she whimpers in pleasure from my mouth. I remove my lips from her boob and place my lips on her as I position my self at her legs. I enter her and kiss her at the same time I pass her barrier. I was right the closest to heaven I will ever get will be with her. I wait for her to adjust to my length. I start rocking slowly into her. She meets me thrust for thrust. I start to speed up at her urging. I feel her climax coming on but I stop and lean down and press a kiss to her lips and roll us over where she is now on top. I watch her ride me as my hands grip her hips. I thrust up, and go deeper into her. she screams out as her organs takes over clenching around my member and I spill into her. She collapses on top of me. I whisper into her hair. "You are my heaven!"
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