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As you board the roller coaster, Jiho looks over his shoulder to stare the guy down. The guy smartly moves down the train of cars to a far distant one. You smile to yourself; it’s kind of nice having a protector. He turns back, catching you staring. You look away embarrassed but he simply helps you into the cart and makes sure your buckled.
“So, how do we keep you from falling out?”
He tightens the belt again, laughing when you resist “Can’t breathe!”
He looks perplexed, “Well that won’t do. That’s not the reason I want you breathless.” He gives you a sly upward glance with wink.
That worked! Now you aren’t just breathless but have a sudden colony of butterflies in your stomach.
The ride operator comes by, checks the belts and locks the bar in place. As soon as Jiho makes sure he's a couple of carts down, he throws his leg over yours.
Looking over he grins as the ride starts. “A little extra weight is all I can think of.”
After the first few climbs and dips, your eyes are squeezed tightly shut and he’s laughing with his hands in the air. You take a peek at the next climb and notice it’s the one heading up the mountain side. Oh, why did you agree to this, you are so going to embarrass yourself.
At the top, the roller coaster pauses for a moment. Jiho wraps his arms around you and whispers, “Open your eyes.” You have to admit the view is magnificent, but short lived as the cart starts heading down and picking up speed. You squeal, squeeze your eyes shut, and turn your face into Jiho’s chest.
You swear you hear him whisper “Eureka” as his arms tighten around you.
When the ride is over he finds a bench for you to recover on. He very smartly leaves you in peace while you tried to not throw up everywhere. When you are a little less green around the gils he leans over and kisses you on the forehead.
“Sorry. Not fully sorry, but lesson learned. You better?”
You nod, “Yes, sorry. I’m such a baby about heights.”
He turns your face to his, “Fear is not being a baby. Up to eating?”
Your face must have turned green again as he laughs, “Alright, that’s a no.” He thinks a minute, takes your hand and wanders towards Zootopia. He pays for two Safari passes and leads you off to a Zebra stripped vehicle.
You are amazed at all the animals you see. Youboth laugh at the different antics some of the animals do; Jiho tries to mimic a few, leaving you in stitches.
Many animal pictures later Jiho pulls out his phone; “We need a new picture, just us two this time.”
He slides closer and tilts his head towards yours. You smile for the camera, pull faces with him, laugh at how silly he is being.
“I thought you said ‘a’ new picture?”
He shrugs, “One more.” He turns you to look at him and leans in for a kiss. Your eyes open wide at the first touch of his lips, than fall closed at the new sensation.
He pulls back with a smile and turns to his phone. The two of you look through the group of silly pictures; and he picks one to save as your contact photo. You look over curiously to see how you’re saved in his phone. It melts your heart to see him put the picture of the two of you under his contact, ‘My Kitten’.
He goes back to the pictures and starts examining the ones of the kiss. “Darn it, they’re all blurry.” He looks back over at you, “Guess we’ll have to try again.”
@Jinnyrod3 Why do I have a gut feeling he really is?! LMAO😄
he's slick, wonder if he is in real life lol
Awe please tag me in this I love it.
AAAWWWWWEEEE!! Sooo cute!! Man I had some butterflies myself reading g this! 😙😙 hehe!
hehe.. ;p feels pretty legit