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@sardonyx hey you! I wish I could bake this beautifully.......
5 years ago·Reply
@LauraMatthews hahahahahaha that's what I did today............... stuff myself with chocolate muffins...
5 years ago·Reply
@sardonyx @miranpark88 u read my mindddd i wish i could bake like thisssss caz i jsut can't baking is not in ma bloodddddddd LOL
5 years ago·Reply
@LauraMatthews @miranpark88 thats what i do everydayyyyyy thats why i do crazy amount of yoga to keep it uppppp or else iw ould not pigout ilke i do everyday :*)
5 years ago·Reply
miranpark88 i do love baking.but my baking stuff are in philippines I will see them next year.hehe i cannot wait to tumble and experiment this fabuluos muffin
5 years ago·Reply