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Riri stepped down into the audience to greet fans and shake hands. When one concertgoer refused to let go of her arm, Rihanna took matters into her own hands and whacked the person with her microphone. The pop star isn't apologizing for the incident either. She tweeted after the performance: "Purpose! That b**** won't let me go." credit:yahoo
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@YinofYang @blairwitme @kristenadams I wonder what would she do when someone grabs her butt like what one guy did to Beyonce,,lol
@shoenami ROFL! I can see it now! She would definitely hit that person with maybe more than a microphone.
@shoenami @YinofYang LMFAO I totally can see her literally kicking that guy's face!
@YinofYang @blairwitme I bet you.. she will more thank kick him!
@blairwitme @shoenami Omg, yes! She totally would. Hahahahaha!