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PLATOON KUNSTHALLE opened its doors on 11th april 2009. PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is set up in seoul as a space for subculture in asia. its programmatic orientation towards cultural movements beneath the radar creates a dynamic space where new ideas are born and presented. the PLATOON europe headquarters in berlin was established in 2000. it runs diverse culture and communication projects in cooperation with an international community of 3,500 creatives from all different professions. PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is not about entertainment. the program will provide a communication platform for anybody interested in subcultural creative fields like street art, graphic design, fashion, video art, programming, music, club culture, political activism etc. PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is built of 28 iso cargo containers. as icons of a flexible architecture in a globalized culture, the stacked containers form a unique construction that can be rebuilt anywhere else any time. Once a month, near to Sinsa station (Line 3), Platoon Kunsthaller organized an event called Rooftop cinema. The previous event already passed by, but don't worry, the next event going to come soon on July. Follow them on facebook to get more info about another event.