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Day 4 - Favorite Female Character Ever Ah.... this 1 is kinda hard in a different way... I've never really cared much about the female characters. I do like them, I just... like... ah, idk how 2 phrase it. lolz. I don't have very much in common with other girls, so I can't often relate 2 them. & a lot of female characters end up with certain traits that kinda annoy me from time 2 time. But between the few I do rly rly like, Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), Yona (Akatsuki no Yona), & Ayase Chihaya (Chihayafuru), I chose Yona. Princess Yona has been thro great tragedy, seen many terrible things, & experienced various forms of pain after she was chased out of the castle. Yet, thro it all, she stood strong. She fights for what she believes in, & treasures the few friends/comrades she makes dearly. Despite what she's been thro, she doesn't act 4 revenge. She observes & thinks about what she must do instead of acting on personal feelings. Even when she's really scared, she keeps on moving forward 2 do what she needs 2 do.