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Using Instagram to document life in Trondheim, Norway, Jan Ove paints a clean and peaceful picture of his hometown. Working as a graphic designer/illustrator, Jan takes a fairly symmetrical approach to his Instagram compositions, which often show a quality mix of both the nature and architecture of Trondheim. Be sure to check out and follow his extremely beautiful feed here @janove. Place : live in Trondheim, Norway. sum up Trondheim? The country's 3rd largest city, and in Norway that means 179,000 people :) In a place like Trondheim everything is pretty calm, safe, clean and a little bit boring. The good kind of boring. Norway was a poor country up until the 70's (oil) so there´s a lot of relics/old stuff from our peasant past which I find interesting and eye pleasing! In small big city like Trondheim and it's surroundings you find a nice mix of urban and rural culture. You have the fjord, the mountains and the stuff in between. I like it. For the visitor? If in Trondheim you should visit the cathedral Nidarosdomen, Stroll around Bakklandet and visit the café Bakklandet Skydsstation, walk along the fjord on the path Ladestien, check out the small wooden houses in Ilsvikøra, take the boat out to Munkholmen and take a trip out of town and check out the small/stange/ugly/pretty places and the nature surrounding the city. Best Meal in the City? Klubb in the restaurant Tavern
@alise @sofiamuller758 Yeah, puddles and mirrors make for some great stuff. :D
I also really like the first photo :) nice reflection.
@yinofyang : it is my favorite shot as well, the reflection and the contrast photo, it was good ! :)
That first shot is my favorite out of the bunch. Very nice.