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Hunter Pence's Scooter is Stolen (AGAIN)!

Alert Giants fans!

The most interesting man in the world just got his scooter stolen...again! Check out this Tweet from Hunter Pence below.

It's scooter-game all over again. And check out the hashtag game.

The sad part about this is that it was an autographed scooter donated by Hunter Pence himself. NBCBayArea.com's Rhea Mahbubani reported that two thieves are responsible for stealing Pence's scooter. It's not even funny this time considering the donation made by Pence was for a good cause. I really hope they find the thieves soon!

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Whoever stole it is a piece of sh*t.....Hunter donated it to the Make-A-Wish foundation for god's sake!
a year ago·Reply
they'll find it, nobody is that heartless...
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Any updates?
a year ago·Reply
@DucktheFodgers Yeah two people were arrested haha
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