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Ever wonder how model secure their braids without an elastic?

The secret is they ARE use an elastic but they hide it with a weaving technique.

So let's get started with this hairstyling technique!

If you find the video explanation too quick I highlighted the steps below.

Insert the pin half way through the elastic. Grab a few strands of hair and wrap it around the pin.
Thread the hair using another u-shaped pin. Take it in and slide it into the first hairpin and slide it out.
Once the hair is threaded through, pinch the excess hair and push it down the opposite end!

And you're done!

@hikaymm Understandable! I personally prefer this because I don't like the gloss from hair elastics and this looks a lot neater.
I feel like i'll be totally deficient at trying this, but it's a great way to hide the elastic after all!!! I think i'll just stick to mine being exposed :)