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It's a tough life, but someone has to live it.

1. You have a certain Korean boy on your mind.


3. The difference between Rap Mon and Namjoon is BIG.

4. Puberty is a wonderful thing.

5. You've definitely imitated J-Hope laugh more than once

6. You know the answer to the mystery "man who opens car doors"

7. Being called a wealthy housewife is not an insult.

8. Life mantra.

Congrats on being such a freaking awesome fandom, ARMYs :D

there should be a meme *BTS at their concert* V: Guy's where our fans at? RM: Chill I got this *clears throat* RM: THEY CALL ME...... *ARMY'S crashing through walls* Armys: BAEPSAEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
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Being an ARMY is hard to be honest. These men are constantly ruining me as a person. I should start considering myself as an immortal from all the times they've killed me yet I'm still here lol
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Villan: they call me.. ME: -crashes through the wall- BAEPSAE Villan and super hero: What in the world?!
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jhopes laugh cheers me up daily
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just wait when they do I'll be in class and read it scream Hell yeah and laugh maniacally
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