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I'M DOWN!! 馃榿馃榿 YAS!. Anyone else going? Omg! I'm excited! Finally! It's not at Rosemont!
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if I had money but I don't
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@KDSnKJH I saw I went today to buy the ticket lol. It looks so nice! In all my 21 years of living in Chicago this is the first time im going on there. 馃槓
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@evieevelyn I feel ya. But I was like omg I NEED TO GO! I couldn't go to the BTS concert, or EXO concert, or block b, or any of the ones that came so I had to make sure I went to this one that was closer!
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@lizzeh U should eat too! I highly recommend the white chocolate dessert thing if they still have it and the cornbread. 馃構馃構
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@KDSnKJH hmmmm if I get hungry yeah I shall try it :D
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