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@VatcheeAfandi99 made this card and I stumbled across it. You can find the original here.
Today is my first day in a new school in South Korea. I thought I would have just a normal, regular teenage experience but once I met this group of boys, I saw that things would not be as normal I would have hoped for....
1. As I entered the classroom, Jooheon is the first person I saw.
2. I introduced myself to the class and as I did, I noticed Kihyun staring at me.
3. The teacher assigned me a seat next to Wonho. As I sat down in my chair I shyly greeted him and introduced myself.
4. Shownu "accidentally" threw his pencil on the floor and it landed next to my desk. As he was crawling to get his pencil, we locked eyes. He smiled warmly at me and quickly rushed back to his seat.
5. I.M also sits next to me and he fell asleep during class. I tried to wake him up but the teacher caught me and thought we were playing around. We both got assigned cleaning duty after school. 😧 (way to go I.M)
6. After fourth block, I heard I.M mumbling to himself saying, "Great job I.M, you got the new girl in trouble during first block."
7. Later as I was headed to the cafeteria I bumped into I.M and fell on my backside. He shouted an apology as he continued running toward the cafeteria. I was shocked and just sat there.
8. As I was about to stand up, I saw a hand in front of my face. I looked up to see who it belonged to and there was I.M standing in front of me with a sheepish look on his face. I allowed him to help me up and dust myself off. He began to ask me questions about myself as he walked me to the cafeteria where I apologized for running into him and thanked him for helping me.
9. Once I had grabbed my lunch, I looked for a small table to sit at. I found one in the corner. Before I could start eating, Jooheon came up to me and asked if I wanted to share/trade lunches with him. I shyly looked down and nodded my head.
10. While Jooheon and I were trading food, I.M came and sat down next to me. He pretended to not know who I was as he eyed me and looked me up and down. "AISH, I.M. What do you want?" Jooheon asked him with an annoyed tone. "Just letting you know that the guys are all waiting for you by the court. Who is this?" Jooheon says, "She is my friend, now move along! I will be there in a minute." As I.M leaves our table, Jooheon says "Sorry, but my friends are waiting for me. See ya later!"
11. When I finished my lunch, I walked to the benches by the courtyard and I.M almost hit me with a basketball. "I'm sorry ! Are you hurt or scratched or anything?!" I assured him I was fine and told him to get back to the basketball game with his friends. I went and sat on one of the benches and was enjoying the weather when I realized my necklace was gone! That was a family heirloom and I had to find it! I rushed into the school building to search for it. TO BE CONTINUED.....
Wow. I.M gave me lots of issues on my first day of school......
@Beccachu I know right?! He just won't leave me alone apparently.
I.M dear, why? xD stop causing problems, my goodness
Omg my babe did a lot to you Hahahaha I'm glad you liked it 😄
@Beccachu Hahahaha! Why thank you sweetie! Lol! And I.M, I appreciate the attention but I would prefer not to get knocked down and almost hit with a basketball.....
it's cause your fabulous, obviously
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