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Kpop Games

Yes Namjoon these are games lol

Que tal peeps!

This is your chica Jessamine here with some fun Kpop games to play.


1. Comment your results 2. Have fun 3. Tag friends if you wish

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Writer Jessamine @amobigbang

Game 1: Pick a favorite artists and their name will represent the house you two would live together in.

Game 2: Pick what year you were born to see what Jay Park is to you.....

Game 3: Pick your favorite color to see what G-Dragon is to you...

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1. Suga! 2. Jay park is nothing to me 3. G dragon is my party buddy
a year ago·Reply
7, dance teacher (in more ways than one ;) ) and sugar daddy (I'm sorry Jay)
a year ago·Reply
1. Jay Park 2. Boyfriend 3. Suga Daddy
a year ago·Reply
1. Taemin 2. Bigbrother 3. Fiancé
a year ago·Reply
1. house 5 (jackson) 2. Jay is my fiance 3. GD is my party buddy
a year ago·Reply