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I just notice that I Won the VOTE for the new Fan Fic Story!!!!!! that @BBxGD is planning for me.... how """Lovely"""" for her to do such a "Niccceee" thing for me...(my fingers crossed)
And special thanks to all the """Voter's"""out there, that vote for my story... I just want to say..."Thank you'""" I will make sure to write down your names and send you a thank you card!!!! Tilted :I Be There Watching You!!!!
And last but not least... is...m.... I forgot her name...Sofia... Kwon...@KwonOfAKind , sorry I usually don't remember my Exxxx name very well.... Here is the "So Long, See u in Neverland" greeting card for you!!!!
@lovetop sooooo ""Lovelllyy"" that my babe is """happpyyy""
@BBxGD No I wasn't mad 😡😡😡😡...I m so """Happy""" right now😠😠😠😠...Eating my chicken wing and cracking the bone... 😡😡😡😡...I m in my ""love"" mode!!! 😒😒😒😒
@KwonOfAKind OMG...those memory... how I love my Kwonnie Bae
How the times have changed its "Kwonnie Bae" all day <3 lol #SweetLifeIndeed (^___^)
awwww.... babe. Dont be mad... it is a ""nice"" thing of me to do for you. It will be veryy ""lovely"" 🙊😀