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Oh no only 2 more days left. ㅠ○ㅠ ■■Huge warning: THIS IS EXTREMELY LENGTHY.■■ I'm for cereal, it's long..pero like enjoy. I worked hard, wallah (arabic for I swear). seriously though.
Day 28: Your favorite body part of your bias... -(NOLA influence is about to come out) Yall, believe it or not, I do not have a bias in GOT7. I know it's so weird and a bit depressing. So I'm doing my favorite for each member. ^.^
JB: eyeseu & smile. -So cute...♡
Youngjae: eyeseu smile & eyes & smile & teeth lol -Really a lot cute♡♡
Jackson: them gifs explain it lol -*secretly exchanged my eyesight for Junior's in those 3 gifs lol*
Junior: well that brass jeje -He would be a great punta dancing partner. *Y como se mata el gusano? asi, así así jeje* latin song
Markeu: Neck and that Adam's apple though -Must restrain myself from unsafe lip travels and thoughts. *mianhae mark stans*
Yugyeom: Lips -omg those lips ㅠ.ㅠ crying a river for those lips.
Bambam: Cheeks & face basically -A totally adorable cutie pie--->to like holy stuffings a young man.
Fin...I finished Día 28. lawd yall. Tagging my lovely small Vingle familia and chingus. Hope you enjoyed this post. @PrettieeEmm @luna1171 @moonchild03 @amobigbang @VeronicaArtino @ARMYstarlight @MelissaGarza Besos!
@moonchild03 great pun indeed. that was just too perfect
@IsoldaPazo I haven't picked a bias yet either but I'm trying Lol.. and can I just say Jackson's body is just right ;) lmao pun intended
@MelissaGarza gracias and yes it was hard so I showed my appreciation for each.
great job!! I agree they all have some great body parts in each of them.