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Okay Duckies, time for some introductions.
This is a group that I just started listening to last September. A Japanese friend of mine introduced them to me, and it took me a bit, as always, to get used to a new group of people to worry about or follow. Lol. But, I can finally say that I am used to them and have been listening to them nonstop lately. And I want to share this love with others who like this style of J-Rock/Kai Visual Style of Japanese music.
Okay, here we go. So, in the picture above, we see all 4 members of the group. It has been active since 2004 and has increased in popularity in great ways in Japan, though they are relatively unknown state side. In the above image, we see Sho Kiryuin, who is the main vocalist, Kyan Yutaka, who is the main guitar, Jun Utahiroba (Black and white hair), the bass guitar, and Kenji Darvish (face paint) the drummer.
I will admit, as far as they go, the group is a bit older (but what's new? Besides, it makes them more experienced and better). And you can view their full ENGLISH bio on this page on wiki if you are interested:
So anyway, I am certain that I am not the only person on Vingle app that listens to them or knows about them. I am reaching out to any other fans, casual or diehard, for this group. I don't really have anyone around me where I live that would be too interested that I can have in-depth discussions about, so it will be nice to have a community to talk to if anyone is interested. I'd like to learn all I can about them. :)
Also, I haven't found any other communities for this group, which is so strange to me, but maybe it's because it's the English version of the app, and not the Japanese version? Does such a thing exist? Anyway, so I'm creating a new folder and everything.
Hit me up if you want to chat!
@StephanieDuong I suggest starting with Memeshikute. That's a good start to the group. @edwinb94 @netchtiBates
Thank you @DianaBell, I love visual Kei groups and I haven't heard of this group yet I'll check them out asap
might try them out
I'll check them out tomorrow!!! 😁
I always try to get into Japanese music bands but its hard idk, I love Kyari... and also heard a little of Baby Metal..... I will give this one a try!!
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