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Getting married?
This is your dinner. Prawns. Courtesy of two of the HOTTEST chefs in LA, Chefs Margarita & Walter Manzke. They own Republique LA, which is a hot spot here in LA and deservedly so.
Obviously, they serve more than just prawns. LOL While I don't have the budget to slink in and dine and imbibe on modern French fare, you and your wedding guests can experience the luxe menu for a fraction of the individual plated price when you opt for catering. Don't get me wrong, this isn't discounted food in the least, and yes, you will still be paying premium rates for this level of gastronomy.
However, when it comes to catering, since everything is planned, precise and there are no unknowns, the caterer doesn't have to plan for "everything" on the menu, which can be costly. So, instead of a $235 plate that you would pay on a random Friday night at the restaurant, you'd pay something less per plate. But that's because everyone's pretty much eating the same thing.
What will you be serving your guests at your wedding?! Please tell me it's more than a passed plate of Ritz crackers and cheese.
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