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Chapter 15
"I love you Mark." I said "I love you too." he said then pecked my lips. I rested my arm on his broad chest. After that I slowly fell asleep with the man I love. *in the morning* I woke up to realize that a naked Mark was lying next to me. When I looked at his face I started to smile like an idiot. Haha nows my chance. I find a sharpie and start to write silly things on his face. Haha a classic. I put the sharpie back where I found it and laughed my butt off. "What are you laughing at?" Mark scared me. "Nothing." I replied and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I came out to see that Mark was dressed now. He offered to have me wear some of his spare clean clothes. We both went downstairs to cook breakfast. But breakfast was already being served. "Good morn..." Jr started to say but looked back and saw Marks sharpie stained face, and started to laugh his ass off too. "When both me and Jr started laughing the rest of the gang came down; saw Marks face and the whole house was filled with laughter. Mark went to see himself in the mirror in the hall and gasped. "Ji, why did you do this to me?" Mark started to pout. "I did it while you were sleeping, because I thought it was funny." I giggled. " Don't worry its not permanent, forever." I whispered the last part so everyone but Mark could hear me. We all started to laugh so hard. He went to the kitchen to wash his face but he grabbed some whipped cream instead. He came running over to me and stuck some on my face. I wiped the whipped cream off my face with my finger and stuck my finger in Mark's mouth. "Hows that taste?" I said confidently when Mark took my finger out of his mouth and kissed my lips, exchanging the whipped cream with his tongue. I started to blush like crazy when I remembered everybody is right there watching us make out. I quickly pulled away. ~~~Yugyeom's pov~~~ When I saw Mark kiss Ji It felt like my heart just shattered in a million pieces. What is this feeling? Is this 'jealousy'?
.........OH...MY....GOD!!!!!! amazing!!!
does he like her ? yugyeom is my bias in Got7 and I don't want him to get heart broken on someythat hasn't even started or on something that he has no chances with 😢😢😢😭😭
Aww poor Yugyeomie xD