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Please, I am begging you, DON'T FORGET TO DRESS YOUR BATHROOMS for your wedding! If you have hired (or plan to hire) a wedding coordinator, this is something that they will (hopefully) clue you in on so that you can make sure this happens.
Besides making sure that your venue is beautifully decorated, everything from the entrance way to the corridors to the reception hall, you need to make sure that the bathrooms your guests will be using are clean, stocked and beautifully decorated.
I am NOT telling you to spend $2,500 on renovating the damn bathroom. But some florals are a must, in addition to the toiletries in both the men's room and the ladies room.
For instance, this stunning floralscape, by Teresa Yang Fung, of Mimosa, is a classy way of dressing up the bathrooms without a lot of fuss or pomp. It can be sleek, simple and elegant, just like this arrangement in the photo.
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