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Makeup artist, Julia Mosler, created this collage of 9 fabulous gel eyeliner ideas that you can incorporate to your makeup look--depending on how you feel. Even if you did a new one each day, it would take you nine days until you repeated just one of these looks once!

Here's a challenge:

Even if you don't like these looks, practice doing each of these. Why? Cuz it's going to teach you REAL QUICK your level of makeup application. It will become obvious just how good or bad your complete makeup technique is. It will also teach you new ways of seeing, using, and applying makeup.
I'd love to see your version of these looks. Take pictures and share on Vingle! I wanna see!
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I love the different eye liner ideas!! Definitely clipping this to my makeup folder.
ladies of vingle!! wow! im thrilled that these 9 eyeliner ideas struck a chord. if yiu try these out, don't forget to take a pic and upload. @lavonyork and @hikaymm love to share. let's not let them have all the fun. 😂😂😂😂😂
The wings look very nice.. I might try one and not stab my eye.. Yes that kinda happened. It was a cream based liner and the tool you use is this short stick diagonal brush.. What a fail lol. I be looking into that... Clipped
Awesome @lavonyork. thst sounds like it hurt
Wow these are soooo extraordinary! I'm not sure about all these, but Ik I'm pretty in love with the first one and the second one😍