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The next morning you start on the internet trying to find a job. You send a message to the Interior Designer you met the night before and are still awaiting his reply. He mentioned having contacts and that he would happily be on the look for a job opening.
After a few hours his response comes, “Meet me for lunch? Bring your portfolio with you.”
You quickly text Jak, she tells you to just take a cab. She isn’t sure how long her meeting will last but will meet you there as soon as she can.
When you arrive at the restaurant you can see Jang Ho Rim stand when he spots you. You walk over to the table, this is work; you don’t need Jak for this. He has already ordered soup and vegetables with rice; providing you with a fork and spoon. It seems Kyungil wasn’t the only one to see through your lie about the chopsticks.
He flips through your portfolio while you eat; makes comments, asks you questions. He finally closes it, placing it back on the table and starts flipping through his phone. Okay, this is awkward. Does this mean he isn’t going to help you? Maybe your work isn’t cut out for the Asian market.
You’re pleasantly surprised when he takes a business card from his pocket and starts writing on the back of it. He leans across the table handing it to you.
“Ever considered set design? It’s a lot like interior design but you would work for M/V’s, possibly the theater.”
You shake your head, “No, but it sounds like something I could do.”
He nods in agreement. “There’s a meeting today vetting for a set designer for a new M/V. It’s the group’s comeback so there will be a couple of rep’s from the company, someone from the group; and of course, all your competition.”
He stands, “I have another meeting but let me know how it goes. I told them I was sending a couple of people over.” He flips the card to the front, "Tell them you’re with me. Good luck.”
With that he leaves you sitting at the table stunned. You quickly flip the card back over to check the time of the meeting and the current time. You grab your portfolio and run out the door for another taxi. Once tucked inside you shoot off a quick text to Jak, letting her know what’s happened. She responds that she’ll just see you back at the apartment; hopefully for a celebratory dinner.
You arrive at the entertainment company with only a few minutes to spare. Reception directs you back to the meeting room. Before you leave her desk, you ask for a few sheets of printer paper. She looks at you weird but hands them to you. You don’t have a sketch pad with you; you aren’t fully prepared for this meeting.
You take the last seat at the table; looks come your way due to how close you cut it arriving. As the meeting begins you look around the table at everyone there. It’s pretty easy to see who are the designers, the executives, and the artist. As your eyes fall on the artist, brown eyes and an arched eyebrow greet you. You recognize him instantly and really hope he doesn’t have any say in who the set designer is.
Looking away you focus on the details they are releasing. Everyone is given an anti-disclosure to sign, protecting the group and company from any early leaks about the comeback. A minute of the song is given to each of you to help you envision what the group is wanting. As they talk, your hands are flying over the printer paper, quickly sketching a rough draft. When the meeting breaks up, you’re given the deadline for submission and you join those shaking hands as they leave.
As you get to the entertainment company rep you hand him your quick sketch, “Is this sort of the idea you’re looking for? I’ve never done this, I just want to make sure I’m headed in the right direction and don't waste your time.” You bite your lip as the rep takes the paper, looks back up at you and hands it over to Kyungil.
Kyungil looks at the paper and back to you, handing it back. “Did Jak prep you for this meeting?”
“Jak?" What is he talking about?
"I didn’t even know I was coming to this meeting until 20 minutes ago.” You pull out Ho Rim’s card and hand it to them. “I had lunch with him, he told me to tell you he sent me.” You show them the back, “See this? This is all the information I was given.” You hold up the printer paper, “Does this look like I was prepared for a meeting?”
The rep flips the card back and forth, than hands it back to you. “Yes, you have the correct general idea.” With that he walks out of the room leaving you with Kyungil.
“What do you have against me?”
His eyes register a moment of shock, “Against you? Oh the hours I could fill…”
That’s it. He’s hot, arrogant, and full of himself; you’re done with him. “Listen, Kyun il is it?”
“KyunGIL,” he responds looking amused.
“KyunGil; I know you’re a friend of Jiyong’s and I’ve been best friends with Jak since grade school; however, that doesn’t mean you and I have to be friends got it? I’m more than happy to ignore your existence unless we happen to work together. I’m sure you can be professional enough to put all your dislikes of me aside for the job right?”
As you turn to walk away he grabs your arm, “Hold up. I think you’ve got me all wrong.”
You shrug your arm out of his grasp, “I don’t ‘got’ you anything. Unlike you, I wait until I know someone before forming an opinion of them.” With that, you continue out the door in hopes to find a cab rather quickly.
You tell him girl!! *snap, snap, snap, hair flip!* lol Way to play hard to get! 😉 hehe!
dont run away! I think he likes you
also, that taxi ain't coming fast unless you made a call a head.. good luck ;p
major respect for this chapter... she sounds like me.. ish.. I don't think I'd be bold enough to confront him like she did in the end but a little more passive.
hey, hey, hey why so hasty, I wouldnt mind being alone with him lol