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I am still working on the next parts for They Call Me a Monster and Ice Princess so I figured I would give you a little something and post my JB short. Hope you all enjoy!
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You cried out silently for someone, anyone to hear the desperate cry of your shambled emotions. The cold seeped deep into your bones and froze your insides mercilessly as the dark swallowed you whole.
The once bright colors of spring now looked more like dull muddy images in your eyes and the concrete under you held the only ounce of warm that would be given to you.
Even in the warm spring sun your body could do nothing but slowly freeze into a single block of ice. Your once strong and confident air now fizzled out to nothing but a meek, ‘ok’ or ‘sure’ as you followed them your body more zombie than woman.
You had barely noticed the fact that your pink shirt, grey pants, and yellow shoes did not really match until she had told you so. You could have sworn you put on makeup before you left your house that morning, but she too had told you that you left your home with a bare face. In all honesty though…. You didn’t care.
Why was there need to care when there was no one you wanted to impress? Why put on pretty girly clothes, and take time to perfectly curl your hair and put in painstaking hours to make sure your eyeliner was just right, when he never even noticed.
You had done that for years. Even when the other girls would make fun of you for coming to practice all dolled up. They all knew you dressed up for him… why didn’t he notice?
You felt your stomach turn in knots when he had worriedly asked you if you were ok because you looked sick. You had almost wanted to burst in to tears and yell at him for his stupidity. He never noticed how you dressed up… but he did notice when you didn’t bother.
You watched sadly as her long hair blew in the wind and he would gently tuck it behind her ear. The emotions that bubbled deep inside of you could have been just pain but you would bet it was tinged an ugly green with a bit of jealousy.
They shamelessly flirted and took advantage of every moment they could pull off some kind of skin ship. They were so lost in their own love that there was no way they could notice the tear streaked cheeks on your face, or the screaming and bleeding heart that sat pathetically on the stone floor by their feet, trampled and unwanted.
One week, all it took was one week and you had turned from a happy bubbly trainee to a dark hollow shell of the you, you used to be. In one day she had done what you had tried to do for three years. The moment she had walked into the practice room his attention had been taken away from you and placed fully on her. Was it because she was new? Was she prettier? Nicer? Did her personality spark his interest more? Were you not enough?
The more your thoughts darkened the worse your mood grew. Why were you here again? Oh yes…. They wanted to thank you…. They wanted to show you how much they owed you for introducing them. Little did they know that with every thank you they uttered your heart shriveled up even more. Now you were sure there was nothing more than a shriveled up peach pit left. Hard, useless, and unwanted… it seemed to be a recurring theme in your pathetic life lately.
You fell back and watched them run from one game to the next, not even noticing that you had stopped following them. You flirted with the thought of just going home. The large tub of ice cream in your freezer and your tv full of dramas you had yet to watch called to you sweetly.
You turned to leave quietly when a hand reached out to grab your hand. “Come on Y/N.” Your heart leapt slightly at the feel of his hand in yours and fresh tears started to form in your eyes at the bright smile he showed for you. You quickly blinked them back and returned his dazzling smile with a small forced one of your own.
Pulling your hand away from his was hard but your hand didn’t belong there…. Hers did…. That smile on his face wasn’t really meant for you… it was for her… that bubbly happy attitude of his wasn’t drawn out by your own personality… no, it was all for her. The smile, the new outfit, the strange cologne he wore that you had never smelled before, the time he had taken to style his hair and match his outfit…. It was all meant to impress her, not you. With that same forced smile, you pulled yourself up straight and pretended to put on that same confident air you once had. “I think I will leave you two love birds alone. I have to get to practice early in the morning so I am just going to catch a cab and go back to the dorms. You two enjoy your date.” Before he could argue or she could run up and stop you, you turned on your heels to head home.
As the cab stopped and you softly gave him your address the tears started to flow. You watched as they looked concerned for only a moment before going back to smiling and going off to play games. Your heart was breaking all over again.
Maybe if you had spoken up years ago? Maybe if you had not brought her around you wouldn’t be slowly diving into the bottom of the dark and colorless sea? Who is she? She is your best friend and he? He was the man you loved with all of your poor broken little heart.
That is all for this one! I hope you all enjoyed it! I know it is rather short but I felt that was all that was needed to get the feelings across for this little short... plus I feel like I haven't done anything really sad since my Taeyang short.
Anyways! Look forward to more from Ice Princess and They Call Me a Monster!!
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that was heart breaking 😭
If u listen carefully while reading...u can hear me crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭
lmao @Sailynn Dont like the sad stories? plus no... I dont think he was on the list when you told me your fanfic war targets so you dont have to. 😂
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lol why? because of a sad story I wrote?
I was the same way @SugaMint......
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