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It is officially the second quarter of 2016, so allow me to introduce (or, in some of your cases, re-introduce) myself and the Vingle Funny Community!
The Funny Community is Vingle's special little place for meme swapping, webcomic sharing, talking about your favorite funny movies and TV shows, participating and creating random games, and telling pretty hilarious stories - whether they're WTF?! news stories you've read or some LOL anecdotes from your real life!

If you're a little weird, you'll fit in here just fine!

Here are the Funny Community house rules:

1. No racist, homophobic, or misogynist humor, please!
2. Fandom humor is WONDERFUL, but if the joke is really only aimed at diehard fans, please only publish it in fandom-specific communities.
3. Putting titles and captions on your cards will help them get extra love from the community, so make sure they're all in place when you publish!

This quarter, I'm gearing up for a whole lot of new fun activities:

- More interactive GAMES! Yayyyy!
- Weekend activities, like Friday Night Free-For-All and Sunday Confession!
- Funny writing challenges!



Are you addicted to Vingle? Do you love hanging out in the Funny Community, making friends, and participating in our group activities? Do you want to help me make Funny Community even FUNNIER? Then you'd be perfect for our support team!

So what's a support team?

A community support member is a community MVP who helps the moderator:
- Keep the community a positive place for all members!
- Come up with fun and exciting events for the quarter!
- Assist new community members with figuring out how to participate!
- Other very exciting and top secret things...

So if you're down, make sure to reach out to me!

I look forward to moderating the community for another quarter, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me via direct message or comment below!

Danidee signing out!
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that zebra is clearly a stalker...
@YourConscience Someone needs to teach him about personal space.
if zebras go to jail what do they do for uniforms seeing that they already wear stripes...
@YourConscience Polka dots. Head to toe polka dots. It clashes, but they had to make due with what they had.
o ho well now...