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This Saturday I came across something I don't see too often.

Two separate couples were fighting on the street!

The first couple was at the bus stop with me.

They were glaring at each other and talking in hushed but clearly pissed off voices. I didn't really listen to what they were saying because clearly it didn't involve me, but I could feel the hostility from my seat!

The second couple was full on shouting on a street corner when I was waiting to cross.

They were a bit harder to ignore, though their argument made zero sense to me (something about wearing certain clothes or something lol) The girl was shouting and as the boy tried to calm her it only set her off more.

Personally, I don't think I could ever fight in public.

That might be because I celebrate the age-old Hungarian tradition of putting on a really scary silent treatment whenever I'm pissed, but I just genuinely would feel so uncomfortable!

Have you ever had a fight in public or seen one that made you uncomfortable?

What would you do if you got angry/upset at your best friend or significant other in that situation?

I don't fight in public.. That causes way too much attention lol but man I seen some serious couple fights. I think the worst was my friend and her ex. She was yelling and trying to pull his stuff out and call it dirty and she was going off about him wanting to share it so everyone should see it. Crap it was bad... To the point cops came around too.
Ahhh I would never fight in public! And if we ever got in a fight in public, I would just apologize first to avoid all the attention!
@ZoilaObregon that's how it should be, I hate when people want to argue with me about personal stuff on Facebook in the comments section even more lol
I don't like to argue in public, clearly you'll see I'm pissed. But the actual argument would take place behind closed doors, no one needs to hear my words, especially if it doesn't involve them.
if you want to start the 'war', settle it at home or other places than public. you're not mature enough if you do it in public
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