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So here's my story on how I started watching anime.
I was born in 1997 and Pokémon just so happened to air that year (lucky me). Then a couple of years later when I was about 3-4 years old and I could understand what was happening on tv; I'd find myself sitting on the floor next to my older brother watching Pokémon. Being a young kid it was very intriguing and caught my eye. I instantly feel in love with the show I'm pretty sure I sung along to the opening theme song. "I did my very best" Pun intended
I even cried when Ash started to let his Pokémon go or what he called "be free" for example: charizard, butterfree and squirtle. Then when Brock and Misty left hit me right in the feels. I felt like pikachu when he broke the ketchup bottle. 😪😭💔
Ever since then, I watched anime in middle school all the way up to high school. In high school my close friend started up an Anime club and asked if I go and support him. At first I was kinda like "I don't think I watch too much anime to be apart of that club." But he finally convinced me to go and even some of my friends were there, so less awkward walking into a classroom full of strangers. So each Thursday after school I attended anime club where we discussed, watched or even played games that involved anime. Sometimes my friends and I would play cardgames in the back if we weren't interested in the anime that was playing.
Well that's pretty much how I started watch anime and ended up with my Pokémon blanket from secret Santa one year in Anime club. 😊🤗
Here's some fan art I did of Togepi and Ash. Thanks for reading my card ja ne! ✌️