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{NC} Anime of my Birth Year 1992

Challenge #2- What Japanese came out the year you were born? I was born in 1992 and I decided to choose 4 anime, 2 movies and 2 TV series. Now here they are...
Salor Moon! The Manga released 3 days before 1992 on December 28th of 1991, however the TV series did not 1st air until July 5th of 1992. I'm sure just about everyone here remembers the Salor Soldiers (Guardians) from their childhood.
Next up is another iconic anime series, Yu Yu Hakusho! We all have tried to do the spirt gun at one point in time! Even though the Manga was 1st released in December of 1990, the TV series didn't make its 1st appearance until October 10th of 1992.
Even though DB and DBZ came long before these movies were released, Dr Gero created 3 more androids to get his revenge on Goku. Androids 13, 14, and 15 made their debut in DBZ Super Android 13 the movie, on July 11th of 1992.
Another movie released by DBZ franchise was DBZ The return of Cooler where Meta-Cooler who fused with the Big Gete Star made his 1st showing. This one was 1st released on March 7th in 1992.
Please remember that all these dates coincide with the Japan release and not the American release. Hope you enjoyed it and be sure to make your own! Thanks! @hikaymm @InVinsybll @blackoutzj @AshChrimson
@hikaymm right! I never knew my year would hold such great anime! lol
What year you had!!! Omg lol!!
done. check mine out
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