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Hi guys ^-^ Once someone asked me what would i say if i ever became (or tried to be) the president of any country... Well, I can't really recall if it was one of does question that teachers asked me when i was a kid or if perhaps it was just some crazy friend with nothing to do asking me that... Because, who the hell would actually think i would ever be the president other then myself in my wildest dreams, right? Well, anyway, I remembered that question while snooping around my thoughts, so i decided. What the hell! Let's do this! So here u have guys, my one and only speech to becaming the president. I hope u like it ^-^
Welcome everyone, and thank u for being here. I don't believe in God, in anyway or religion. The reason I'm starting this speech by geting everyone to hate me (nervous laughs) is because I believe the best way to know me is by seing the world that I see through these words. So, I said i don't believe in God. I don't. I respect the idea of God because of the power it has to make someone happy, or the power to support someone in trouble or going through a rough time. I believe in the good it brings to peoples lifes. But where you see God, i see something else. Let me tell what i believe in order to survive each day in this crazy world. I believe in people. Everyday I try too understand why we do things that hurt someone else, and we do these because we are humans, we make mistakes. A lot of them ^-^ But I believe in us. I believe in a force living in a person's heart that makes someone do incredible things, this being saving someone than themselfs, being kind, giving anything to those who need it the most, talking with some stranger because he's crying, be honest, feel pain when we see someone get hurt or when we see a disaster, and many more. I believe in People's Heart. When we act for other people's sake, even if just once, it shows that even we, the most selfish kind, has compassion and love in our hearts. We just have to show it. When I see someone going trough a rough time but helping someone in need, even when they already have so litle, it brings me hope. When I see a genuine hug or kiss just to make someone feel better, it brings me a warmth in my heart. I believe that everyone here and around the world can't avoid fealing this sense of compassion when seeing such beautiful things. Now I ask you. How can we survive each day with disasters hapening right in front of us, or even in our own life? how can we move on each day to our jobs, or our home not knowing what will happen tomorrow? Because we were made Strong. Because we were made to Fight. We were made...to never Give Up, even when we want to, and even when we think we do, we are always searching for a reason to stay alive and live the next day. We can all take a step foward in this country, in this world, if we believe in each other, if we fight. So let me be this strengh that moves you, because a leader can't only rule a country, but it needs to support the people that help him rule the contry too. All of you are my strengh, and I want to be yours. Thank you!
im so glad you're back!!!! I loved the finish "all of you are my strength and I want to be yours" I wish more people were like that! ❤️
thank u @shannonl5 ^^ missed u ^^
@BPF1916 this is great! And welcome back :D
thank u @InPlainSight ^-^ im glad i brought u to such an awesome place ^-^ hope ure enjoy it
Hey @BPF1916 welcome back!!! I missed you since you brought me here from poker!
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