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Yes, we faced some disappointment over the weekend...but all good things must come to an end at one point. And even though our home game winning streak has been snapped, we still have the 95/96 Bulls record left and more importantly, a back-to-back championship. Oh, and just to prove that we are the best team in the history of basketball, we set a new NBA record today.


Yes, basketball has been dominated with big men dunking and knocking everyone over, but just think about it. Doesn't matter if you can make four amazing dunks in a're just given two points per dunk. But if you can bank three 3s, it's still worth more than the four amazing dunks you just made. The Warriors are changing the paradigm of basketball and I'm loving every moment of it!

And what is this non-sense I'm hearing from Scottie Pippen?

The 95/96 Bulls will sweep the Warriors? I really wish the old-timers will stop comparing us to the 95/96 Bulls. It's total nonsense and even though the Bulls were one of the greatest teams in the history of the NBA, you never really know what could happen in the world of sports. Oh, and we might even break your record this season.
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Amazing! And yes...Pippen is wrong.