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Here's some breaking news in the realm of Earth's impending robot takeover. It seems that one Hong Kong robotics enthusiast has fulfilled his 'childhood dream' of designing a robot and his (probable) adult dream of being able to hit on Scarlett Johansson by creating Mark 1, his very first humanoid robot.
Okay, so Ricky Ma, the man in question, will not flat-out admit that Mark 1 was designed to look like Scarlett Johansson, but he does say that he was 'inspired by a Hollywood actress' which is probably dodgy robotics dude speak for 'I made a Robo-ScarJo.'
The entire project cost Ma roughly $51,000 to create the robot, who was made mostly of 3D-printed plastics, silicone, and various hardware. Mark 1 has the ability to talk, walk, and make natural facial expressions - including a smirk when you tell her she's pretty.
Because, of course, he programmed her that way.

Yo, Ricky, you might want to cool off on hitting on Artificial Life ScarJo. (We've all seen 'Her'. We know how that'll end.)

But anyway...
Ma intends to sell the prototype to a major investor and help develop more and more versions of Mark 1, a robot he sees as extremely useful as our technology capabilities only continue to evolve.

Could you imagine a fleet of Robo-ScarJos built to help run our banks, medical offices, or even retail centers? How do you think Scarlett feels about this?

Let me know what YOU think about Ricky Ma and his Robot Johansson below. And for more strange tech news, follow my Weird Science collection!
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@buddyesd Ay carrumba
she is damn sexy
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Heck yeah, im just thinking of the robotics, and the future, now with that being said WTH was he thinking (I'll tell, me, me, me) It's a perfect way to get mass attention to his creation. That's what, brilliant if you ask me. But, I would now do something different, maybe offer it up (once I build a second) for a museum or a gift for the very talented actress. If I were to create a robot I surely would do my best to not make it look like any one person male/nor female I have seen. I might be more inclined to piece several different ideas together for uniqueness.
Unless馃槂馃槀, like I said it was planned for the sake of media and publicity, look small group here on the other side of the planet at least I am and were all seeing it..