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Welcome to 'Sweet Talk' where I'll be highlighting some phrases in other languages that I think we can all connect with!

Today we're talking with Mika about taking chances and living your life!
My best friend in high school was obsessed with Mika so by osmosis, I listened to him allllll the time (I think he's the coolest person ever, I'm just bad at keeping up with his new music!)

Let's see what advice Mika has for us today in French!

Listen to the French phrase at 0:59 to help with pronunciation!

Pourquoi - Why?

Tu gâches - You waste

Ta vie - Your life

Danse - Dance!

Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie? Danse danse danse -

Why are you wasting your life? Dance Dance Dance!!!

Did you ever have anyone in your life give you some harsh advice that turned your life around?

You can listen to the english version of this song here!
my dad when I was 15: if you get that girl pregnant your getting a job after school! me at 15 everytime with the gf: hearing dad's advice and losing interest!!
"If you spent half the time on doing, that you spend try to get out of doing, imagine everything you'd have done." My Mother
What a great line! ☺
there is this french dude in my class, all the guys are like, "omg his voice is so sexy, i am jealous." and when we have oral presentations, everyone is like,"He Is cheating!!!"