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You don't need a car to go on fun dates.

Most of my dates were done by traveling on the subway aka the LA gold line. We usually meet up by union station and spontaneously decide where we want to go that day.
Oh, and my sisters would normally tag along and try to secretly get a snap of us but we are both quick walkers. Hence, we have pictures like this.
Not bad. I find it artistic.
And this is how we typical date end our date along the gold line. If you live in LA or plan to travel to LA, I am starting a series on cool date spots along the gold line. I was browsing through some old pictures due to scrapbooking and thought this would be a great idea to show some of you around LA. Back in 2011, the line hasn't extended yet so I will be covering from Little Tokyo to Sierra Madre Villa.
Look forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday in April!
Aw this is sweet. I think that taking the train (even if both people have cars), can be sort of romantic and adventurous. And also....saves you on trying to find parking/dealing with traffic!
i have to admit that I have only been on the Red line ONCE. I took it from NoHo to hollywood. I found myself irritated that I had to drive all the way over to north hollywood. But thrilled because I didn't have to deal with parking or traffic in Hollywood.
omg this is so fun! I really love Little Tokyo so I'd love to know what you guys did there :3 (and I think those blurry pictures are cute too!)