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One of the best qualities of my senior year roommate was her car.


Rather than trying to take the crowded uptown bus in the Bronx, we could go there in style and not have to carry things back with us.

Anyway, I found a video that was SO RELATABLE I had to share:

Youtuber Lizzza is basically all of us in a Target.

"I always think I'm just making a quick trip to Target and end up staying for HOURS."

I have literally gotten lost in a Target before. And when I go there with friends, forget it. We can spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing there.

"I have no idea why I'm here or what I'm doing here but I guarantee you my wallet will be empty by the time I walk out."

When I lived in NYC I usually needed an excuse to go waaaaaaaaaay uptown to Target, but when I lived 15 minute walk from one? You BET I went there for no reason!

"If you spend enough time in the dollar section you're going to be asking someone for a dollar"

The amount of CRAP I have bought in the dollar section is embarrassing. *looks at my hello kitty silverware and cup set*

Check out her Target shenanigans below!

Is she right or is she right?!

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@LiviBelle lol i havent done alot of online shopping but it is definitely better than store shopping! I just dont like shopping. If I dont have the money to get what I want then I dont want to look.
@dianes6711 that's very understandable. It's usually when you window shop that all the great things show up.
I haven't been in Target FOREVER. The closest one is 45 minutes away. Every time I see it I want go "look" around, but we always end up at Walmart.馃槼馃槺馃槶
@LiviBelle isnt that just the truth! Generally I end up making my clothes because I cant find what I want in stores