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Yugyeom Oneshot
Length: 962 words
Face down on the bar of a dimly lit club, Yugyeom’s hand cupping another beer, losing track after his mind went hazy and vision a blur. The rainy, gloomy night around him matched his mood. Tear marks stained his face as he lifted his head from the bar and rested his chin on the bar instead, revealing his red, puffy eyes.
“Every time… This happens every time,” Yugyeom mumbles to himself, shaking his head as tears forced to come once again.
Visions of you occupied his mind, only making him miss you more.
Yugyeom usually wasn’t one to let his feelings flow so freely, definitely not in front of random strangers, but when it came to you, anything goes.
He wanted you, he wanted you badly.
What if the one that was meant for you
Every time he thought he had a chance with you, every time he thought it was the right time, you were on another blind date or talking about some other boy.
That’s not what he wanted.
He wanted you, he wanted you very badly.
Was all along right in front of you?
Yugyeom examined his surroundings, the bustling club around him. Couples chatting, friends dancing, people just having fun.
His eyes landed on one couple in particular, the two so lost into each other, Yugyeom could tell nothing around the two mattered to them.
He wanted that, he wanted that with you.
And that’s when all the emotions became too much.
That’s when he knew he needed to pour everything out.
Relieve the burden of holding in all his feelings for you.
He sat up, fixing his posture and gathering himself together, wiping the tears from his face, sniffling here and there.
He was going to get what he wanted, what he needed.
Yugyeom got up from his seat and rushed his way out of the club, running all the way to your place, rain falling hard on him, with full intentions of making you his that night.
Parallel in this Universe
The time - 2:19 AM
You were up and he as on your mind.
Always on your mind.
Kim Yugyeom.
You lied in bed, staring at the ceiling, sleep not even phasing you.
“How? How can I turn him from my best friend to my boyfriend?” That thought is what kept running through your mind.
Going on dates and flirting with numerous boys was just how you distracted yourself from falling too hard for him. To you, it was impossible for Yugyeom to like someone like you, to ever feel the same.
You would have never imagined he would be running down the streets, in a hurry to your apartment to confess.
Just didn’t see, it was there all the time
Your thoughts were averted to the loud banging at your front door.
“It’s 2 AM, who could possibly be at my door?” You thought to yourself as the frantic knocking continued.
Eventually getting out of bed and making your way to the front door, you open it to a drenched, out-of-breath, Yugyeom, eyes puffy and red, clothes sticking to his sides and his hair a mess.
You in turn were in sweatpants and a t-shirt, nothing unusual for Yugyeom to see, but he always loved the way how you made something so simple look so amazing.
“Y/N... there’s something... we need to... talk about,” Yugyeom managed to say, trying to catch his breath in between words as best as he could.
You were still stunned by the fact that he was here that you couldn’t manage to say anything in response, but you shook your head for him to continue.
He walked in and closed the door behind him, the one hallway light you turned on illuminating one half of his face, still dripping wet.
“Listen, Y/N, I’m tired of seeing you with other boys and hearing you talk about other boys all the time! I don’t want to hear you talk that way about other guys, I want to hear you talk that way about me! All I want is to be with you, Y/N, that’s all I’ve wanted for awhile now,” Yugyeom confessed, all his emotions beginning to spill out once again, “that’s all I’ve wanted... all I’ve wanted.”
Tears were once again running down his face and he began to sniffle. His body shivered from being cold from the rain and from the physical toll all the crying was taking on his body.
You stood there, unable to process everything that had just occurred. Never would you ever have imagined that Yugyeom would be in your apartment in the middle of the night, pouring out all his feelings for you.
Without saying anything, you laced your arms around Yugyeom’s torso and rested your head against his chest, not even caring that you’d get wet yourself. You felt his body tense up a second in surprise, but immediately he melted into your touch and held you close.
“I like you too,” you said as you looked up to face him, “so you don’t have to worry.”
Yugyeom’s eyes widened, he didn’t expect you to reply agreeingly, but was relieved that you did.
You wiped the tears from his once again red and puffy eyes, examining all his features as you did so, taking him all in. He looked you in the eyes as you did so and then his eyes traveled to your soft, pink lips. Almost instinctively, he planted his lips on yours. You were slightly started, but soon wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back, the feeling of his lips on yours making your head spin.
“Y/N,” Yugyeom spoke softly, his forehead pressed against yours, “be mine?”
Maybe tonight the stars align
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