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So when I was visiting my family in Mexico last spring, my cousin Didi would take my sister and me around on little food tours. We saw tequila-flavored gelato or cat tongue-shaped chocolates or get some mango helado. (Because, duh. It's mango helado.)

However, she ALSO showed us a shop called Vaso Loko, a chain that specializes in Mexico's trendiest street food, Tostilocos.

So what exactly ARE Tostilocos?

Well, if you consider that it's a combination of the word 'Tostitos' (like the chip) and 'loco' (the Spanish word for 'crazy'), you can probably take a pretty good guess.

Tostilocos are pretty much street nachos on crack, layered with pretty much any and all toppings you could want.

Toppings for Tostilocos can include:

- Crunchy vegetables like jicama, cucumbers, carrots, or radish
- Pork rinds (chicharrones) or duros de harina (puffed wheat snack)
- Japanese peanuts
- Jelly candies like gummy bears, worms, or sour straws
- Sliced fruit like mango, kiwi, or pineapple
- Other types of chips like Doritos (Dorilocos), Cheetos, and Fritos (Fritos Locos)

And then it's topped with lime juice, Valentina hot sauce, and a generous drizzle of sour-sweet chamoy. SO MUCH FLAVOR!

So have you tried Mexican Tostilocos before? Is it something you would be down to try?

Let's salivate together, shall we?

@buddyesd @JocelynPacheco I feel like this is TOTALLY easy to make at home, especially if you live by any type of Mexican grocery. It reminds me of everything you'd find in the Mexican snack section of 7-11 just thrown into a bag of chips and covered in sauce lol.
@danidee when I make or buy Tostitos Lokos I usually put cucumber, chacachaka, chicharones,Japanese peanuts, Chile, chamoy,lemon and clamato. sometimes I'll add churros, not the sugar ones.
@danidee can't go wrong with those hahaha...hold on...let me laugh in Spanish...jajaja 馃槅馃槅馃槅
I looove tostilocos but they dont make it the same here as they do in Mexico. So if you're in Mexico tosti locos is a must have!
@danidee I'm in Laredo lol every store is a Mexican store hehehe
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