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So when I was visiting my family in Mexico last spring, my cousin Didi would take my sister and me around on little food tours. We saw tequila-flavored gelato or cat tongue-shaped chocolates or get some mango helado. (Because, duh. It's mango helado.)

However, she ALSO showed us a shop called Vaso Loko, a chain that specializes in Mexico's trendiest street food, Tostilocos.

So what exactly ARE Tostilocos?

Well, if you consider that it's a combination of the word 'Tostitos' (like the chip) and 'loco' (the Spanish word for 'crazy'), you can probably take a pretty good guess.

Tostilocos are pretty much street nachos on crack, layered with pretty much any and all toppings you could want.

Toppings for Tostilocos can include:

- Crunchy vegetables like jicama, cucumbers, carrots, or radish
- Pork rinds (chicharrones) or duros de harina (puffed wheat snack)
- Japanese peanuts
- Jelly candies like gummy bears, worms, or sour straws
- Sliced fruit like mango, kiwi, or pineapple
- Other types of chips like Doritos (Dorilocos), Cheetos, and Fritos (Fritos Locos)

And then it's topped with lime juice, Valentina hot sauce, and a generous drizzle of sour-sweet chamoy. SO MUCH FLAVOR!

So have you tried Mexican Tostilocos before? Is it something you would be down to try?

Let's salivate together, shall we?

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@XDLP I'm obsessed with chamoy too lol.
@LindaGuandique Is that make with Takis?
@danidee love it with fruit. Specially when they put the mango ice cream with the mango chunks and tajin and let it all just drown in chamoy xD
When I saw that fruit could be added to it, I'm definitely going to try it. I love fruit
@danidee yes it is