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Ok so this is number 4, I updated 2 today because I couldn't update yesterday ㅠ.ㅠ @Lexxcisco OK so this one is about solo singers but how can you expect me to put only one , so instead I put my favorite 2 male solo singers and my top 2 female singers.
1. Kim Jong Kook He Is my number one male solo singer. He is super talented and has such a soft voice that doesn't fit his looks. He appears in running man. He is a very nice and thoughtful person (one of his songs Below)
2. Jo sung Mo He sings my all time favorite song "To Heaven " and in fact leo from Vixx sang that song when he appeared in "King of masked singer" . I seriously had a heart attack my leo Sang my favorite song from all time.. it really hit me
The song is from the 90s Now next is female solo singers
1. IU My favorite female solo singer is my beautiful daughter IU. you don't even know how much I like her she is literally perfect in my eyes
2. Lim Kim I seriously love her voice it's so unique and pretty :3 She is also very fluent in English as well as Jong kook. She is really nice and cute.
I put 2 songs in for her #Thekpopchallengehs ~ Emily-Kite-Tenjo