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Thanks to @VatcheeAfandi99 for sharing this game! (Also I have the same gif of changkyun in the ending of pt 1 ahh) So recently moved to Korea and attending school(I wish)....ohhh I wonder how this is going to work out!!
1) As you enter your classroom, the first guy you see is him Well, hello there Min!!! Such a cute flower boy and that smile obviously anyone would stare!!
2)You introduce yourself to the class, and as you do, you catch this guy staring at you Stop right there Wonhoe!! You may be one of my biases but no.....put that devilish tongue away this instant!!!
3)The teacher assigns your seat next to him Changkyun!!!! Shyly looks to the side and finds the guy staring at me, softly I greet him, 'Hi' He smiles back and greets me 'Hey' Calm my thoughts down!!!
4)This guy "accidentally" throws the pencil on the floor, which happens to land right next to your desk Look at Show-pa!! Looks at the guy and his charming smile. It makes me smile back at him....he rushes back to his seat giving me space to compose myself. Oh what is wrong? This school is filled with inhuman humans......
5)This guy, who sits next to you, falls asleep during class So...he may be on the other side of me..... Oh he really sleeping?? Looking at the board the teacher is not carefully I reach to touch his shoulder shaking it a not working...I try to move it more 'Sam and Wonho! What are you doing?' the teacher's stern voice makes me look up causing the guy to also wake up 'No we aren't...I was-' I begin. ' both will be assigned cleaning duty after school!' Ah....I put my hands on my head....on the first day?!?
6)After class #4 ended, this guy said, "Great Wonho, you got the new girl in trouble back in class 1" They must know each other....ahh but I must tell my mom....she is going to be mad! But....if I explain maybe nothing will happen!
7)While you walk to the cafeteria, you bump into this guy, which causes you to fall on your butt He looks back, 'Sorry but I got to go!' Ah....ow it and I thought he was kind...
8)As you're about to stand up, this guy offers his hand to help you up Might as well get up..don't want to look like a dork but ow... I try to soothe my behind and then a hand comes to view 'Here you seem in pain' Looking up I saw the guy from earlier today 'Oh thanks' I take his offered hand He hands me my books which had fallen.. 'Since we have clas name is Minhyuk' he puts a hand out 'Mines is Sam' I shake his hand 'So you come from the US right? I nod 'Why did you move here?' 'My parents jobs makes them move a lot so I just kind of follow them' I shrug. We make our way towards the cafeteria 'Thank you again' He this place mau have decent guys after all
9)When you get your lunch and sit down at a small table, this guy asks if you want to share lunches 'Oh okay' I didn't know what else to say....besides he already was digging in....I look around nervous....
10)While you two exchange food, this guy interupts by sitting next to you 'Ah what do you want Changkyun?Wonho (I remembered his name because he got me in trouble)says as he gives him an annoyed look. 'I just came to tell you that the guy's are waiting for you by the court and who might she be?' he says as he eyes you down. (Ah this guy! He is the down from a while ago!!! The nerve he has) 'She's my friend, now move along! I'll be there in a minute' the guy leaves the two of you at the table. 'Sorry Sam, but my friends are waiting for me! See you later!' Friend??? Are we really? I think to myself as I stab a grape with my fork ...
11)When you finish your lunch and walk to the benches near the courtyard, this guy almost hits you with a basketball 'I'm sorry! Are you hurt or scratched anywhere?' 'Don't worry I am fine ut didn't hit me or anything' I reassure him. 'It looks like your friends are calling shouldn't keep them waiting!' I smile at him. He nods and heads back to his friends shouting that they should be more careful.... I sit down on the bench and reacb up to touch my necklace....findind it not there I loon down.... 'Oh no where could it be?' I panic as I run towards the school....this is not my day
Do you have the link for the game I want to play too!
@MsLoyalHeart Anytime😉 hope you enjoy it 😄
Thank you so much @VatcheeAfandi99!!!
And btw the way u did the results was amazing 😂😂
Glad you liked it 😄
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